Late Round Fliers

By Billy McAleese (@McAleeseFFA)

If you’re like most people, you wish you had seen Alfred Morris coming last year.  He went undrafted in most leagues, and was taken as a flier if he was taken at all.  Truth is, that happens every year.  We find ourselves scouring the free agents after week two or three hoping to land a player that just blew up out of nowhere.

Some assume this year it will be Giovani Bernard.  He, of course, won’t last to the late rounds.  This is about those that will go undrafted in most leagues.  The guys you’ll be shocked if they win games for you.  There is zero guarantee on any of these guys, but that’s kind of the point.  If things fall right, these guys won’t be dumped after a few weeks to try to grab the new rising star.

E.J Manuel (Bills) – A first round pick would seem out of place on a list like this, but it seems likely he’ll go undrafted in a lot of leagues. Early reports out of camp seem promising, and it seems certain he’ll start week one. The common knowledge seems to be that he’s terrible, and to be honest I never thought much of him at Florida State. I was shocked when he was taken in the first round, as were the on-air analysts. NFL people just nodded and moved on. Maybe we all missed something.

Denard Robinson (Jaguars) – The Jaguars are going to find a way to get this guy on the field.  Is he a true running back?  Not really.  Nor is he a quarterback or receiver.  He’s an offensive weapon.  I’d look for him to be in for 10 – 20 plays a game.  If he would have been taken by New England or Green Bay, no one would hesitate to take him in the middle rounds.  The fact that he’s on few radar screens probably says more about Jacksonville than the man himself.

Armanti Edwards (Panthers) – I know what you’re thinking, “He’s still in the league?” He is, and has been a training camp superstar. That’s not worth much in the long run. However, it is unusual for a marginal player who has barely made the roster the past two seasons to receive such a public and effusive praise from the coaching staff. He is currently in a tough three-way battle just to be third receiver with Ted Ginn and Domenik Hixon. I’m not saying he will amount to anything, but if you find yourself in the late rounds, and you’ve already blown a pick on Kickalicous, he might be worth picking up.

Jordan Cameron (Browns) – Maybe everyone is talking about this guy and I just missed it.  With just 20 catches last year, you can be forgiven for ignoring him.  However, he figures to be the starting tight end this year, and Browns coach Rob Chudzinski loves tight ends.  60-80 catches out of this guy wouldn’t surprise me.  The only question is weather Weeden has the wherewithal to find him.

Well, there you have it.  Guys you should take because no one else will.  You’re welcome.


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